Weekend Roundup: Sex of Color Edition

February 16, 2013 | Anne Ishii

> Why Do Gay Porn Stars Kill Themselves?

Along with porn stars who are also escorts and personal trainers, I know gay porn stars who are lawyers, farmers, doctors, meteorologists, and artists. Some don’t have much overhead at all because they live with their parents, who know what they do and are proud of their children.

While there may be some vast archetype that encompasses all porn stars, there’s no such thing as a typical “gay porn star.”  We’re all different.


>Transforming Pornography: Pornography for Black Women

Black and Latina women in porn are very often given names of food, cars, inanimate objects, countries, and spices. No one ever told me, or many women of my generation, how impor­tant it was to have a name that was a real woman’s name.

>East Asians evolved to have thick hair and small breasts for the same reason everything evolves: sexual selection.

East Asians are sometimes assumed to have evolved in a cold environment because of their narrow nostrils, which conserve heat, and the extra eyelid fat that insulates the eye. But the Broad team calculates that the EDAR variant arose about 35,000 years ago in central China and that the region was then quite warm and humid. Extra sweat glands would have been advantageous to the hunter-gatherers who lived at that time.

Joshua Akey, a geneticist at the University of Washington in Seattle, said he thought the more likely cause of the gene’s spread among East Asians was sexual selection. Thick hair and small breasts are visible sexual signals which, if preferred by men, could quickly become more common as the carriers had more children.

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